Scottsdale Synchronized Swim Team (SAZ) one of the top ranked teams in the country.

Synchronized swimming is a competitive sport usually performed in deep water, a unique, beautiful hybrid form of swimming, dance and gymnastics.
The Team: The Scottsdale Arizona Synchro team is highly acclaimed at both State and National competition levels. The team, currently lead by head coach Xinya (Olivia) Zhang, previously a member of the Chinese National Team, now trains 45 competitive athletes. The team coaching staff is dedicated to helping each athlete succeed by not only building technical skills and athleticism but also by instilling confidence, sportsmanship and the value of hard work that will stick with them for a lifetime. The team goal is to mold and develop athletes from novice to elite. Our team instills self-discipline, good sportsmanship, perseverance, endurance, self-confidence and teamwork